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Andrea Lambrecht, CMP

I have always considered myself a hospitality sponge soaking up every bit of information I possibly can.  The one thing I realized over the COVID-19 pandemic is that this information living in my head could be useful to anyone planning an event.  Thus I decided to embark on a new journey and started "To Be Frank Consultants, LLC" to offer affordable and honest advice to the seasoned vet planner or the newly engaged bride or groom-to-be without a clue on where to start.

My name is Andrea and I graduated Washington State University with a degree in Hospitality and Business Administration.  I had my first taste of the food and beverage world with my first job at 16 years old working for Subway sandwiches.  From there I fell in love with the world of Senior Living and worked in the dining room serving and listening to their stories.  It was these experiences that ultimately led to my career in restaurants, hotels and events.  My specialties in food and beverage are catered to quick service operations, event catering, LEAN organization and implementation, and menu concepts and layout design.

I have spent the last 13+ years of my careers in hotel and event services with small boutique hotels and convention centers.  I am a Certified Meeting Professional looking to offer my expertise for you to put your best foot forward!

**Full Disclosure: I am still currently employed with a Hotel Company and will remain a neutral party, avoiding any conflict of interests.  Therefore I will not provide quotes for the venues I represent unless specifically asked**

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